Parse Server Hosting for busy people

We manage, support and scale with no vendor lock-in.

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Migrate from any Parse Server

Having your own Parse Server is exciting, but takes a lot more time to manage, right?
If you miss the real Parse experience and the convenience of auto scaling and support
we can migrate your app from any Parse Server.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee


If our services don't match your needs you can get a refund
within the first 60 days of your activation.

*Excluding fees for usage over the initially included resources

SashiDo brings more ...

The Open Source Parse Server doesn't cover everything.

No Vendor Lock-in

No Vendor Lock-in

We want to keep you as a happy customer,
not as a hostage!
We Support. 24/7

We Support. 24/7

Amazing Support from real Parse experts. Our Developers and Engineers!
We Scale. Automatically

We Scale. Automatically

SashiDo™ provides secure and automated scaling.

The feeling of completeness with SashiDo™ is real! We are based on top of Parse Open Source,
but 100% improved by our experts for the best Parse like experience!

  • Database Browser

    Database Browser - preview of your database.

    The Real Parse Alternative
    Database Browser
  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    The Real Parse Alternative
    Push Notifications
  • Cloud Code

    Cloud Code

    The Real Parse Alternative
    Cloud Code
  • Background Jobs

    Background Jobs

    The Real Parse Alternative
    Background Jobs
  • LiveQueries


    The Real Parse Alternative
  • More Features

    More Features

    We host everything. You don't need any other service.

    Push NotificationsAdvanced Cloud CodeBackground JobsWebhooksLiveQueriesAdvanced LogsAPI ConsoleSocial LoginsEmail Integration
    Auto-ScalingMulti-Geo CoverageDatabase OptimizationStatic Web Site HostingNodeJS App HostingFree Private GitHub RepositoryMigration in a Click from Parse.comFile Migration in a ClickMigration from any Parse Server

We Host. Globally

Your services stay close to your customers.

Multi-Geo Coverage

Simple and flexible pricing

No limit of monthly requests & req. per second, storage, database and file transfer.
And the best part? It starts from $4.95/mo

Adjust your usage
Monthly Requests per app
 requests per second
* Monthly Cost per app
Contact Us
requests per second

You pay as you go each month, based on your usage.

$0.30/100k extra requests

Included Extras

Monthly Price

  • File Storage

    $0.06/GB extra
  • Database Storage

    $16/GB extra
  • Data Transfer

    $0.13/GB extra
  • Background Jobs

    1 job
    $10/per extra job

More Included Extras

  • Free Migration

  • 24/7 Support

  • Multi-Geo Coverage

  • 14 Days Free Trial

  • Automated Scaling

  • Private GitHub Repo

  • Live Queries

  • Webhooks

  • Advanced Logs

  • Website Hosting

  • Free SSL

  • Email Integration

Premium Services

Monthly Price

  • Automatic Database Backups1GB included

    $3.95/GB extra

Listed rates include monthly service per app.
They aim initial cost, but the service is not limited by Req/S, file storage, database and traffic.
* All prices exclude VAT.

14 days free trial. no credit card required

Success Stories

Here's what our customers have to say about our product



iOS Dev @

You don't need to know about the backend.
Focus on the product, SashiDo handle the rest.

Kasper Tornoe

Kasper Tornoe


It is as if Parse never left.
Great support team!

Finn Larsen

Finn Larsen

Co-founder and CTO @

SashiDo is our no. 1 preferred partner for Parse Server solutions.
It's really simple for both migration and new projects.

Karl Dunkelman

Karl Dunkelman

Production Manager @

Sashido has been a great partner by evolving its push notifications functionalities
to fit the needs of a variety of mobile applications that we build at Lightmaker.

Faisal Shah

Faisal Shah

Technical lead @

SashiDo is the reason I have taken a very long and overdue vacationsee my picture if you don't believe it.
Their File Migration Tool was the core reason I got hooked up with them immediately.
They Know their STUFF!

Muhamad Jawdat Akoum

Muhamad Jawdat Akoum

Technical Manager and Software Engineer @

Mojo-tribe is happy to choose Sashido as an alternative to parse.
Sashido gives priority to its clients and their needs.
They are very active and responsive to their tickets, hence they are continuously improving.

Scott Carr

Scott Carr

CEO & Co-Founder @

If you have moved off of PARSE and the method you chose is not perfect
I strongly urge you to move to SashiDo. They truly care about your business.

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