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What will happen with my application after the migration from Parse?

Your application will continue to work on Parse.com. SashiDo's migration is 100% safe.

For detailed information plase read here https://blog.sashido.io/parse-migration-in-a-click/

Does SashiDo™ migrate our Parse files as well?

Yes! We have Migration in a Click in SashiDo's Dashboard for your files. See how easy is in our Parse File Migration tutorial

I've missed the 24h finalizing timeline. What should I do now?

It's not fatal if you have missed to finalize the migration during the 24h period. All you need to do is delete the app you have created on SashiDo™ and then start the migration again.

Does the automated migration tool handle migrations from Parse.com only?

Yes, the tool is designed for migrations from Parse.com only. However we offer assistance with moving your database away from any database service provider so just drop us a line over support@sashido.io and we will manually migrate it for you.

I have already exported the MongoDB to a self hosted VPS. Is it easy or dangerous
to make the export to sashido?

We offer mongodb migration assistance from any other solution so as long as you can give us access to the database, we will safely export it from your vps. The process is secure and there is nothing to worry about. Our team of engineers will be happy to help, so just send us an email over support@sashido.io and we will take care of the rest.

Does SashiDo™ have the same features of Parse.com

SashiDo™ is a real Parse.com alternative and supports all of the core Parse.com features:
Dashboard, DB Browser, Push Notifications, CloudCode, Background Jobs, Web Hooks, Live Queries, Logs, Global Config, Hosted Pages, System Emails, and more.

We have the vision to innovate the market by launching features that don’t exist at the moment!

Do you charge if I exceed the montly req./sec?

No! SashiDo™ apps are auto scalable. There is no monthly req./sec limitation.

Are there any limitations on requests per second?

You pay each month, based on your usage. We don't have limitations of monthly requests & req. per second for the service, which means when you exceed 1M req. you are charged an extra fee for this month. Your app scales to your needs.

Here is more detailed info: www.sashido.io/#Pricing

Can I export data in CSV, JSON?

Yes, you can do it any time you want! Copy your MongoDB Connection String from SashiDo's Dashboard and connect to it using any MongoClient and make a dump of it.

Can I store files larger than 10 MB?

The files limit on SashiDo™ is 20MB. If you need to upload bigger files contact our support team, we can always think of solution according to your needs

Can I migrate my Database from other providers such as mLab, ObjectRocket, Amazon etc.?

Absolutely! Please contact us at support@sashido.io and we will be happy to migrate it for you!

Can I migrate my apps from other Parse alternatives?

Of course! Just drop us a line on support@sashido.io and we’ll help you!

Are Webhooks available?

Yes! You can use them the same way as in a Parse.com through SashiDo's Dashboard.

Does SashiDo™ have vendor lock in?

No! SashiDo™ uses Parse Open Source stack which means no vendor lock-in, because we want to keep you as a happy customer, not as a hostage :)

How active is the technical support team?

We offer free 24/7 technical support via support@sashido.io and we strive to be as responsive as we can.

Can I use Cloud Code on SashiDo™?

Absolutely! We made an awesome integration with GitHub and we create for every app a free private GitHub repo where your Cloud Code is stored. Also you can easily add 3rd API libraries and packages.

Which Parse Server Version are you running on SashiDo™?

You can see it just above your app name in SashiDo's Dashboard. We try to be up-to-date with the latest stable Parse Server versions.

Can I host my own domain and SSL?

Yes. Just drop us a line on support@sashido.io and we’ll configure them for you. Soon we’ll release our automatic tool in the SashiDo's Dashboard, so you can do it by yourself.

What happens if we use your platform and you decide to shut down?

We have no vendor lock in and you are safe with us. Our main business CloudStrap is Platform as a Service provider and SashiDo™ is based on it. We don’t have a freemium model like Parse, we want to ensure our sustainability and provide the best service on the market.

What is the difference between SashiDo's Dashboard and Parse Open Source Dashboard.

SashiDo's Dashboard is a fork of Parse Open Source Dashboard. We decided to fork it because we improve its performance and UI & UX every day.

Do you offer autoscaling?

Yes … even more: SashiDo™ is auto scalable by design!

Do you have Community Groups?

We don’t have SashiDo™ groups yet but we are part of Parse Open Source Community and github.com/ParsePlatform communities.

What is an API request?

Every time you make a call to your SashiDo™ application using one of the SDKs or REST API, it counts as an API request.

Do I need to pay for more than one collaborator?

Nope! You can use SashiDo™ with all of your colleagues without paying an additional fee.

Do I need to pay if I’m a collaborator?


Can I host my static WebSite or Files with SashiDo™?

Yes, you can use hosted static files. You just need to upload them in the GitHub repo with your Cloud Code - please choose folder "public".

Can I use custom NodeJS Modules?

Yes. Just add the module in your package.json on your app's private repo on GitHub.

Which Cloud Modules are available on SashiDo™?

You can use any NodeJS module with SashiDo™ Cloud Code. Just add the module in package.json (the package.json can be found in your app's private repo on GitHub.) and push it to the GitHub. SashiDo™ will automatically install all the dependencies on the servers.

When will I get billed?

We will charge you monthly. The first payment occurs the day you pay for a plan and will continue to be billed on the same day each subsequent month. You can find more information your billing cycles here: https://dashboard.sashido.io/billing/info

Do you have MongoDB Backups?

Our automated backups are coming soon. You are free to dump your Database manually using the MongoDB Connection string from SashiDo's Dashboard.

What is Database Storage and File Storage?

Database Storage: Total data stored in our databases. We use WiredTiger and Mongo Rocks which provides increased performance and greater efficiency.

File Storage: The size of files (for example, videos and images) stored in our cloud storage buckets.

Is phone support available?

Coming next year.

Is your Dashboard up-to-date with Parse Open Source Dashboard?

Yes. SashiDo's Dashboard is up-to-date with the latest stable releases of the Parse Open Source Dashboard.

Is CLP available?

Yes! It is available through SashiDo's Dashboard.

Do you have Background Jobs?

Yes! You can use them the same way as in a Parse.com through SashiDo's Dashboard and Cloud Code.

Does SashiDo™ provide Push Notifications?

Yes! Push Notifications for iOS and Android are ready for use!

What payment methods are supported?

We accept MasterCard, Visa and Amex.

Can I send push notifications from the client?

Client pushes are fully supported and you can enable them from your SashiDo™ dashboard. However we do not recommend using them since it’s a well known security issue. In order for you to send notifications from the client you will distribute the app with your clientKey. Malicious users can use that to send push notifications to your app users if you enable client push.

If I have one app during my trial and then I create a second app after the trial ends, will I pay
just $4.95 for the second app?

Usually once your trial ends, our system detects your active apps and you are charged for them. Then if you create another app after the billing date has passed, on the next billing date you will pay proportional fee for the period between the app creation and the billing date. You will also prepay for the month ahead as our services are prepaid. Thus, do not be surprised that the first month after the app creation your charge is more than $4.95. It is simply a prorated fee and you will pay it just once. Every next month you will be charged the regular fee.

Regarding background jobs - do you charge only for those that are simultaneously running or you charge for the total number of jobs created?

We charge $10 for every extra background job created/scheduled via the Dashboard. No matter if the job is running for just a couple of days or for a full month, at the end of the billing cycle you will be charged for it. That’s why we always recommend that you edit rather than delete a job and create a new one.

Couldn't find answers to any of your questions?

There is a way to find an answer to all of your questions. Our team is here to help!

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