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Feature Roadmap

Find out what we’re working on and what new features lie ahead.


Push Notifications A/B testing
Push Notifications Localisation
Location based notifications
Automated messages
Billing alerting
Export/Import JSON,CSV
App usage insights

In Progress

Parse Server 2.2.25 upgrade
New region Australia
Scheduled Push Notifications
Automated MongoDB Backups


Parse Server 2.2.23 upgrade
Region US
Advanced Cloud Code
Background Jobs
Static Web Site Hosting
NodeJS App Hosting
CloudCode GitHub integration
Zero Downtime deployments
Parse Migration in a Click
File Migration in a Click
Migration from any Parse Server

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Latests news

SashiDo™ welcomes US region

It’s simple, in case you want to build a new app in US location choose it from the dropdown menu in SashiDo’s Dashboard. If you already have apps running on SashiDo™, but US is a more convenient for you: write us at support@sashido.io ...

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Static web hosting with SashiDo™

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to publish static web sites in few simple steps. When you deploy Cloud Code in your GitHub repo, any files in your directory ‘public’ is uploaded to Parse Server and becomes accessible online. You can choose a subdomain ...

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