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Ready to use APIs

Never start your API from scratch ever again.
Start using our Cross-Platform Restful and GraphQL APIs, CRUD and more no coding required.

Custom Business Logic

Flexible way to develop Serverless Cloud functions, Cloud Jobs, and complex ExpressJS functions with NodeJS, MongoDB, and NPM modules

Beautiful CMS

Manage everything in your back-end like a pro with our SashiDo Dashboard. No programming skills or DevOps knowledge required.


Latest NodeJS Versions

Scalable Runtime

MongoDB Clustering

GitHub Deployments

Real-Time Database


Real-time APIs

Easily build scalable real-time dashboards, geotracking, multiplayer games, and more
in your web and mobile apps with less code via our hosted Parse LiveQueries.

Activity and notification Feeds

Provide your users with personalized activity feeds of interactions in your app, whether you're building a news site, or a social network, apps are built for humans.

Real-time charts and maps

Enrich your app's UX by making it possible for users to see responsive live visualizations of data, share and track real-time locations, and be up to date with news and events.

Comment streams

Create continuous flows of content and keep your users engaged by allowing them to discuss and comment on hot topics, documents, images and social post in real-time.


Bring real-time communication to your users and build complex features like group or private chats, encrypted messages, online presence or typing indicators, emojis and more ...


Design cutting edge software via complete immersion experiences or augmented reality. Facilitate existing play for gamers and multi-user interactions with updates on the fly.

Real-time Trading

Display graphics, charts, and other data visualizations in real-time to empower traders to catch the opportunities as they arise.

Engage your customers

Communicate with your users everywhere they are.
Start sending millions of Push Notifications or Emails to your users with no coding required.

Push Notifications

Send your audience real-time updates, personalized offers, and thoughtful reminders to engage and increase retention. Manage, schedule and monitor millions of Push Notifications per minute for both iOS and Android devices.

Automated Emails

From managing email verifications & password reset emails, to complete control of UX by customizations and Multilingual Email templates & User-Facing pages - all is set up with just a few clicks!

Marketing Automations

Automate your multichannel marketing campaigns based on customer's interests and behavior to create a truly personalized UX! Easily set up action & event based triggers by adding your custom business logic.

Custom Integrations

Expand your reach by sending SMS, making calls, integrating chatbots ... the opportunities are countless with simple integration of any third-party services. Have fun and happy webhooking!

Metrics driven Development

Knowing your data helps you make tough decisions with confidence!

Metrics driven Development

Explore your Usage

Application’s requests, storage, files, database, and traffic ... get on top of your usage details! A daily overview of all this data together with monthly insights are available to you.

Explore your Usage

Find the patterns in your App

Effortlessly discover your customer and application utilization patterns with heat maps, charts, metrics overview, and simplified statistical visualizations.

Find the patterns in your App

Understand better your Data

Knowledge has the power to help you see the whole picture on every stage of the business lifecycle. Don't just guess or assume - analyze and master your data for success!

Global Serverless Infrastructure.

Keep your leads close, but your customers closer.

Zero DevOps tasks

Hardware and infrastructure concerns are long forgotten! SashiDo's fully-managed platform is secure, ready-to-use, and performance is closely monitored 24/7 by our experienced staff.

Seamless Scalability

Auto-scale on demand and keep your app highly-performant even through the highest traffic spikes. Precise tuning options are available at the Dashboard for even better results.

Scalable Storage

Built-in Amazon S3 for infinite scalable file storage. No need for overprovisioning and buying excessive processing memory, cache, and capacity to store big amounts of data without performance interruptions.

Built-in CDN

The best UX with faster delivery and highly available images, videos, documents, and any other digital goods. All content from the storage is distributed closer to your customers via our Built-in CDN feature.

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Trusted by freelancers, teams, and companies
of all sizes to ship, manage and scale apps globally.

Whether you're building a simple prototype, MVP or a business-critical product,
SashiDo's fully-managed platform sets you on the fastest route from the idea to production.

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